YOU want an incredible adventure without the endless hours of planning.
I want to create an unforgettable experience for you down to the very last detail.
WE should work together!

Sounds good, right? So where do we go from here?
Allow me to explain with the help of stock photography … !

1: Getting to know you

First, we’ll sit down at this impossibly modern desk, where I will point at things on my laptop. KIDDING, obviously. My clients live all over the world, so in-person meetings are few and far between! Through the magic of the internet, though, I’m able to gather all of your information no matter where you live. Tell me what you want and don’t want, love and hate. And, to make it easy, I’ve created an online client questionnaire to collect all of the details from you. Fill it out, and I’ll be in touch either by phone or email to discuss your trip in greater detail!


2: Make it official

Our handshake will probably be a virtual one, but if our phone call and/or emails make us both excited about moving forward, it’s time to make it official! I’ll send you a form requesting all of the details I’ll need to move forward designing your trip. Once I have all of the specifics from you, I’ll charge my design fee and I’ll be your official travel adviser!


3: Planning begins

As soon as you’re in my system and officially my client (yay!), I’ll retreat to my sun-dappled office filled with travel-themed nik-naks and get to work planning your trip. I’ll visit websites labeled “TRAVEL” and spin my globe a few times before finalizing an amazing itinerary for you. Once my travel adviser magic is complete, I’ll share it with you to get your feedback and make any adjustments before finalizing your trip. Next, I’ll begin the process of confirming all of the bookings and details for your trip.

couple on plane.jpg

4: Time to go!

After your trip is finalized, I’ll send you all of the required travel documents, information about your trip and a few goodies from yours truly. Before you leave, we can chat in person or on the phone to walk through your itinerary and ensure you have everything you need before your travel date if you need a little extra hand-holding. Then, all that’s left is for you to board your flight (premium economy or better, am I right?) and start the flood of vacation photos.


5: I’ll Be there for you

“…these five words I swear to you…” OK, so I won’t be THERE in the sense that I’ll give you a hand climbing up that last steep bit in time to see the sunset, but I’ll be available to help out in just about any OTHER way you need while you’re traveling. And, because you’re probably in a completely different time zone, I’ll also make sure you have contacts in your destination who can help with your most pressing travel needs.

So, ready to get started?

If so, just click the button below to be taken to my Client Questionnaire, fill it out, and I’ll be in touch so we can move on to Step 2!

A note about pricing:

My fee for building your custom-designed, obsessively researched itinerary begins at $350.
The exact fee will be based on the complexity and timing of the trip and will be communicated during the initial consultation.
Itineraries vary widely based on a variety of factors but typically start at $500 per person per night.