Five Reasons I've Never Used a Travel Agent (And Why I Should Have)

I've traveled a good bit in my life, and, this may surprise you, but I've never used a travel agent. And ever since I decided to take the leap to start Mosaic World Travel, I've been thinking about why that is. I've come up with a few reasons.

  1. I didn't know that travel agents existed! I think this is probably the biggest hurdle for most people ... they simply don't know that it's possible to hire a professional to plan an entire trip for them, often at either no cost or for only a small fee.

  2. I didn't understand what a travel agent could do for me. Even if I had known that travel agents existed, I still probably wouldn't have called one up because I had no idea what they could offer me. Now that I AM a travel agent and can see the value I provide first-hand, it's a no-brainer! You can book that cruise yourself, or you can book with me and get an added on-board credit or other amenity! You can book that hotel yourself, or you can book with me and I can get you a room upgrade and a complimentary spa treatment! 
  3. I truly loved planning travel. Obviously, since I've chosen to make this my career, planning travel is my passion. But when I think back over how much time I have spent researching destinations I know nothing about, sifting through TripAdvisor reviews and page after page of random online recommendations, I can only shake my head and wish that I knew then what I know now. As a travel agent, I still haven't magically visited every single destination, but I DO have access to people who have, people who specialize in every destination you can think of and who are ready and willing to give up-to-date, practical, professional advice.
  4. I thought I had access to the best deals on my own. True, sometimes the best price I can find for you through my connections is the same price you could've booked for yourself on Expedia or through a hotel website. So why bother working with me? Well, that website won't work with you to ensure that hotel is the right one for you, close to the attractions you're most interested in and with a vibe that fits your personality. The website won't offer you a free upgrade and a spa credit. The website won't be there for you if you get lost on the way to the hotel or miss your connecting flight.
  5. I don't trust other people to plan my trip with the level of detail that I would. OK, so I get it. Handing over the reigns of your travel planning to a stranger (or, at least someone who is not you) can seem risky. That's why when I started Mosaic World Travel, my number one goal was to get to know my clients and every detail of their travel preferences. I never plan a trip for myself; it is always 100% tailored to my client's preferences. Plus, every itinerary comes with the option to make changes because my goal is to make sure your experience is perfection -- whatever perfection means to you.

Do any of my reasons mirror your reasons for not working with a travel agent? I'd love to have an opportunity to demonstrate my value in crafting your ideal getaway. Because, let's face it: Travel is an investment in you; let me help you maximize your ROI. 

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