India: A Land of Beauty, Color and Diversity

When people say to me that they aren’t interested in visiting India, I have to shake my head. Clearly the diversity and beauty of the country has missed them! From the snow-capped Himalayas in the north to the sun-drenched coastal villages of the south, India unfolds like an ancient tapestry. At times threadbare and fading, the land stretches from desert dunes and scattered slums to the rich mix of ancient, jeweled palaces and the majestic domes of forgotten empires.

India is a feast for the senses; where the air is heavy with the scent of jasmine and dancers trail frenetic melodies in colorful silk saris. Its cooks compose dishes from a palette of exotic spices that may leave a lingering taste of saffron and aniseed. In India's cities, the hardship of slum-living competes with the cacophony of seemingly endless traffic and a myriad of other textures, colors and movements all jostling for attention. India can be overwhelming, but its variety is part of its charm.

India is one of the most thrilling tourist destinations in the world, offering an astounding diversity of people, landscapes, sights and sounds. From lush jungles to sun-bleached deserts, from mountain peaks to golden beaches, India has something to entice everyone.

The difficulty is in deciding what to see and do in this vast and complex country. Famous sights such as the Taj Mahal, Amber Palace and old Goa seldom fail to instill a sense of wonder in visitors, while the modern face of India, evident in the crowded cities and chaotic traffic, is also thrilling.

It is the people, however, that live longest in the traveler's memory. They are renowned for their warm welcome, engaging conversation and love of bargaining. India's vibrant culture remains distinctive and unique despite years of colonial and Western influence.

India has a bit of something for every visitor — from the luxury traveler with high expectations when it comes to service and attention to detail, to the wanderer searching for authentic experiences and cultural connections.

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